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10 YEARS- Sunshine and Rainbows

Last thursday was our 10 year anniversary, CRAZY how time goes so fast~ some days I wonder how did i get so lucky? WHY me? I am not perfect all social media does it make is seem like sunshine and RAINBOWS lets be real! ALL we ever post is the good stuff~ the fun times, memories, kids, trips, new cars, toys, you name if it is looks good we post it!

Well my life hasn't been ALL sunshine and rainbows! Wish I could say it was but its not!

September 6th 2008

I look back on the last 10 years (12 total if you want to count before marriage) and I can truly say I am blessed beyond belief to have my husband, he may drive me crazy, honestly its probably the other way around. He is my best friend. Knows everything about me, supports me on my crazy ideas, adventures and always lifts me up when I am down which happens to be alot lately. HE brings me up when I am down. When I am sick he takes care of me, he is the one who deals with the sick kids because I am a hypochondriac. He always talks me though things before I loose my s***. He supports our family, takes the kids to sports and events. He doesn't miss a single thing! He is amazing father, I can honestly say he might be the better parent. Maybe its because I am with them all day, day in and day out. He always makes sure we are okay before him. He never lets me give up! EVER!!!! LIKE I said thought ITS NOT sunshine and Rainbows.

For our anniversary the BIG 10. I wanted to go to Hawaii and renew our vows and do the whole thing all over again and then life happened and thats okay~ bigger things were going on and we decided dinner would be perfect! For those of you who dont know every 6 months or so we go out to a nice steak dinner! We are slowly tackling our LIST! Vegas was Galligers, in Washington we have ate at John Howie, Jacks, Daneils Broiler and now El Gaucho. It was amazing to get dressed up and just go out the two of us with out any kids saying "mom i have to go potty" or "mom I have a question". Don't get me wrong I love my children but sometimes you just need quality time with your other half.

When Ryleigh was little she lost Dustin's original wedding ring... I was devastated.( It was partially Dustin's fault as he let her play with it while watching a movie) I took the time had it engraved and it was just gone. When we moved we ripped everything apart and really looked for it the couch even got torn apart. Over the last new months i have been searching for a new ring. I knew I couldn't replace the old one but I could find something amazing. Took me a few months but I found it! For those of you who know us know WE can't keep secrets from each other! I literally bought it about 2 weeks early.. snap chatted my close girlfriends and got in the truck to go to lunch with him at work and BAM*** honey I got you this.. if its too flashy then we can exchange it. WELL the good new is he liked it! WHEW

As I look back on the last 10 years I can't believe how lucky I am, some days I can't believe what we have almost like a dream that I am going to wake up from. Two kids later we are still here! He still gives me goosebumps, butterflies and still surprises me with flowers. NOT OFTEN maybe 2x a year I get them but thats what makes it special and not just because its Monday. Maybe for our 20 we will renew our vows when the kids are off to college!

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