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2 weeks...

BOTTOM of page as photos careful if you have a uneasy stomach.

WELL we have made it~ we are TWO weeks post opp tomorrow. We haven't killed each other, or wanted to run away just yet. But it definitely hasn't been easy... honestly having a baby the first week might have been easier!

I am really blessed that he can walk~ lets talk about worst fear.... My husband is a go go go person. Always needs to be doing something or able to do something! This whole thing hasn't been fun... he is going crazy, board out of his mind... there is only so much TV you can watch... and to top it off.... 2 days after being home I squished him on accident... lets talk worst feeling... wanna laugh but cry... I felt like I killed him... he was in more pain it was like going back 2 days prior.... I felt so bad so guilty... I went to grab his phone not thinking I leaned over him and according to him I put all my weight on him... my view my boob touched him... I felt so bad.... needless to say the pain was prob so bad it felt like more than it was...

After surgery I left the hospital at about 730pm and I was back that night at 930. I felt bad for leaving him alone with just nurses... which did their job for the most part..... but when the machines were beeping for 10+ min I would go out and find someone to help... or go get him food... because lets be real hospital food isn't the greatest and sometimes you crave something that they don't/won't serve you because its unhealthy.

As for what he had done~ if you google spines... His T10 disk was herniated and pushing the nerve in his back. T9 is slightly degenerative but they chose to let it be. The T10 spot is right between the shoulder blades right where a bra strap would hit. So doctors put in two plates/bars and a couple screws, took out a section of vertebrae, a little section of rib in his back went around took out the disk and put in a replacement disk/piece of plastic.. what ever medical pieces they use. They also cleaned up the vertebrae as there was calcium build up and scraped all that off. They then ruffed up the bone that they took out and the in him and put it back in hoping that it will fuse all together. He has a 5-6 in incision in his back and stitches and LOTS of pain.

When the doctor came in before surgery they asked him if they could film the procedure to show it to other doctors/students to they can learn how to do this and use it for a teaching tool because its rarely done. In about 2 months we should have the video all edited and also X-rays and CT scans. We have no idea what it looks like in there. As to healing time... thats another unknown as the surgery isn't done a lot so they have no idea... we are taking it day by day.

BUT the good news is the pain he had before is gone~ its all surgery pain. As for walking... he is good to stand for about 5 min. driving he still can't do.... Thank goodness a friend had a wheelchair we could borrow. I am blessed for the ones to stopped by just to check in, drop off cookies and balloons and simple card saying thinking about you.

AS for friends.... its amazing who is really there or who are there when its convenient for them... or to look good.... Even just a simple message so say hey~ how are you doing? Thats all I am going to say about that.

This number below will be a hard number for me... I still remember going to look at the screen to see what stage he was at in surgery...

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