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haven't wrote in awhile due to the fact that we have hardly been home~ or if we are we just want to relax. Our kids are in so many sports that they keep us extremely busy and that's okay.

Aiden does select baseball and is doing Little League.

Ryleigh does competition gymnastics. She lives at the gym it feels like.

But the kids are happy they love it. They are so excited to go and its amazing to watch them grow.

So as they do sports we pretty much live in our car. Two weeks ago it was Mcminivillle Oregon, last weekend was Centralia. Every weekend we are either at Baseball or Gymnastics.

Monday morning after a weekend that we were gone all weekend and exhausted from waking up at 5am each day we left some things in our car and some drug addict asshole of a human being decided to take it upon himself/herself to go into our car and literally take EVERYTHING of value. He/she made out pretty well... let just say I have probably supported his/her drug habit for a solid month. They broke into both our cars and took our camera, which had the last 6 months of events, random photos and our last vacation on it. I feel like they have took one of the most important things EVER. Our daughter got 2nd place at her gym meet... well guess what I HAVE ZERO photos....Aiden's Baseball games this weekend are GONE! This past month the 6ft snowman my kids built and the fun they had riding quads in the snow GONE. because this JERK of a human decided he/she needed my photos more than I did. HE took SO MANY things after going through it and doing the math around 5g. AND my list is still growing.

I can replace things. I CAN NOT replace memories or photos. I CANT replace security in my own home.

2019 has been a really shitty year! Yes it can be worse, YES people do have it worse but I am ready for a break! I am ready to go up hill VS what feels like I am falling...

I am angry, I am hurt, I am violated, I don't feel safe, I feel vulnerable. I am emotionally EXHAUSTED!

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