• Lisa Kramlich

My Summer break has begun

Today was a crazy busy day~ My two kiddos started 3rd and 4th grade summer was crazy.. we had fun, the kids fought, they played outside, went swimming, boating, and enjoyed Disneyland with Grandma. NOW its my summer break! Kids are in school and I get to get back to a routine and have a slight break. For those if you who don't know I am a stay at home mom for 8 years now! I am in the process of finding what makes me~ me! Its interesting and its been so much fun! As a mom we tend to loose ourselves, its always my kids and my husband and there is NOTHING wrong with that. But its now time for ME!

I decided to start blogging as a way to talk about what ever I feel like for the day or week~ it a way for me to just be me, to connect with people, to support businesses, and friends!

Hope you enjoy! Thank you!

Aiden 4th grade~ Ryleigh 3rd grade Sometimes they really do LOVE each other

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