• Lisa Kramlich

My Why~

I am a Mom and as most Mom's at some point we tend to lose ourselves.

I have been on a search to find something that makes me~ me! Its been fun my husband has always been listening and helping me grow and just be me! I am truly blessed with someone who is always there and lets me figure life out while never telling me no! I was going to start blogging for another reason will get to that at a later time to help people understand and a place where my kids could come back and read what I went through or why I was thinking that way at that time. At the ages my kids are at I can't always explain why I did things and being able to look back and understand would be interesting and fun.

This will be filled with lots of fun journeys, recipes I LOVE and need to share, drinks I like, kids, being a mom and of course just being me the Blonde Wife!

Dustin and I

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