• Lisa Kramlich

New adventures.

I hate CHANGE~ for those of you who don't know me well.

I HATE change of plans, I HATE no plans... I hate not knowing... I HATE the unknown.


- Failure


-Feeling useless

-Not feeling appreciated

-People who are rude

-this list can keep going!

Lately I have found purpose, hope, love, and people who believe in me more than I believe in myself at times. AND for that I am so grateful.

When I was 18 I wanted to go to beauty school. At the time I wasn't supported. I decided my now husband and family was #1. I put my life on hold for years. The past 10-12 years I have dibble dabbled in a little bit of everything. Started with Mary Kay it was great, then Pampered chef thought maybe I would love cooking~ if you know us THAT IS MY HUBBY!! He is the good cooker me... well I am good at baking and making people FLUFFY don't get me wrong I can cook he is just better at the whole BBQ thing.

Then came Scentsy and I LOVED IT~ still do love the product. But it didn't give me purpose. It didn't help people in the way I felt like my purpose was.

One day I bought LuLaRoe leggings, It was amazing they felt amazing and it made me happy. Shortly after I joined LuLaRoe. Its been nearly 3 years. I Loved helping people feel comfortable and confident in what their wearing. I loved watching people be happy and smiling because they felt good in their own skin. Its been fun its been amazing I have met some of the most amazing people that are in my life now that I can say will be around forever and I am so blessed for that.

In April I was invited to do a program called the Deep Sight System. Link will be at the bottom if your interested. At the time I was in a place of whats out there that's more for me, more filling, more rewarding. WHAT MAKES ME ME. What will make me happy. I was searching for what I wanted to do for life. With my kids being older with my family not needing me as much I figured its time for ME! As this program went on for a few week one question She asked was.. "If you won the lotto tomorrow would you keep doing the job your doing? If not what would you do?" At the time I couldn't answer a definite answer because I didn't know what I would do or what I wanted to do. i had 3-4 ideas.

This takes me to today~ I am starting on a journey that I am terrified of. I can't even write a letter about myself because I don't know what to write. I don't want to be rejected and I figure if I don't write it then I can't be. I have everyone in my corner. I have everyone supporting me. I have a amazing lady who is writing a reference letter for me and here I am terrified.

So this week am writing a 250 word essay, paragraphs, or what ever about myself. I AM sending it in~ this post will hopefully make me accountable!

PLEASE hope. pray, cross your fingers for me! Here is to new adventures and journeys!

AS soon as I am ready ill announce which will hopefully be in the near future!

Link for Deep Sight System I highly recommend,


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